About The New American Method

     “Regula fouk don’ ass: “how am I going to act today?” That is the joyful burden of the storyteller. When asked what I do being an acting coach, besides the obvious: diction, posture, and script analysis – the safe answers – truth told, I help artists make choices. Character and all behavior is seen by the choices we make. I never imagined this fun work would lead to such a blessed life. I get to be there when artists are making their pigments, and then get to celebrate their finished canvases. Let’s play.

     The Cermak Action Wheel is a physical tool designed to make strong, grounded choices for every storyteller. The New American Method is the application of The Cermak Action Wheel  and Vision Book process to create a role. This practice shares the core principles that traditional methods were built on: honest storytelling, opening yourself to embody the life of someone different, walking and talking in someone else’s shoes, and playing the famous ‘magic if’ to the fullest. This process will create a clearer sense of self and an empowered use of your instrument.” 

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